Top 6 Most Famous Portrait Photographers In The World

There is something fascinating about a good portrait image. The stunning features of the human, the raw emotions and the closeness of the subject in the photo and undeniably perfect composition makes you have the attachment and the feeling that you know the person as your friend.

The power of portrait photography is more evident in the following famous, yet breathtaking photography that we have compiled.

In this digital age, one of the most common types of photography is portrait photography also referred to as portraiture.

What is Portrait Photography?

It refers to the art of taking a photo of a group or a single person while capturing their real mood and motion. Taking portrait photos is a challenge that requires the photographers to be creative in order to achieve the beautiful images that people will always love.


Some of the most famous portraits involve the most authentic capture of expressions and emotions. For upcoming photographers, Read on to learn about the most outstanding portrait photographers that you should follow and get inspirations from.

1. Annie Leibovitz

Arguably, Annie is one of the most famous American portrait photographers. She is well known for her exceptional work in photographing the portraits of celebrities. In addition, she has worked with Vanity Fair, Rolling Stoen Magazine among other great collections and publications.

Moreover, her main use of bold colors, unique poses, and intriguing lights are what has made her gain fame and exposure.

2. Steve McCurry

As a National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry has won countless awards with his portrait photography skills. Steve is an America journalist who has covered various wars throughout his career.


One of his profound work known as the “Afghan Girl” is one of the most famous portraits of all time. Mostly it is compared to the famous Mona Lisa and other artwork.

3. Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange is an American photojournalist. Besides she is an influential photographer who was instrumental in documenting the Depression Era. She is well known for photographing victims of the Depression.

Besides, she is considered as one of the best portrait photographers of all time as the work she did while capturing the depression victims captured the emotions of the most affected victims.

4. Angus McBean

Angus is a photographer from South Wales. He is notably remembered in the photography industry for his portrait photography of celebrities in the early 90s. Besides, he was famous during the era of vintage film and the rise of the cinema. The most notable subjects of his include the Hepburn, Beatles and the Vivien Leigh.

5. Diane Arbus

Arbus is known for her love for black and white photography that captures the surreal people and scenes. She is one of the most unique portrait photographers around. Her photography philosophy revolves around taking photos that allow flaws and shortcomings and not beautified perfection.


This is what makes her stand out and unique. Her work is consistent with her philosophy as she constantly photographed marginal people such as giants, dwarfs, nudists and other various deviants.

6. Richard Avedon

Richard is known for pushing the bar high and setting standards and heavily influencing the American style. Besides, He is one of the best fashion portrait photographers of all time. He photographed famous American pop-culture and was very good at switching the fashion and portrait photography with his unique style.