Samsung S9 Review

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is a very interesting piece of technology. At a glance, it looks like nothing has been updated over Galaxy S8. But there is more than what meets your eye. It consists of freshly built internals as well as a more strategically-placed fingerprint sensor, among many other new features.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Design

Samsung has introduced a phone design shift, which has followed through the market-wide. The big bezel of Samsung S8 has been replaced by the Samsung S9 with a larger screen that has been pushed to the edges. The extraordinary design has eliminated the feeling of staleness in the phone industry. The Galaxy S9 has retained the familiar overall look, which is very okay, as the former S8 still retains the title of slickest phones in the market.

Samsung S9

In the S9, the bezel thickness below and above the display has been reduced further. Additionally, the fingerprint scanner has now been placed in a more suitable location just below the camera, than being tightly tucked beside it. The glass and metal body has retained its display which includes a microSD card slot as well as a rating of IP68 water-resistance. The aluminum rim has now been strengthened, and there has also been a more thickening of the Gorilla Glass 5 coating on the screen. It is actually a super upgrade.

There is a dedicated Bixby button just below the volume rocker, and the lock-switch is located on the other side. There is an extra button that is only used with a virtual assistant. With a display size of approximately 5.8-inch, this is big enough, and the phone itself is very perfectly sized to make it usable in one hand. Actually, there are many Android phones which are bigger, but the S9 has set itself apart because of the high-end specs which have been fitted into a smaller device.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Screen

Just like all recent flagships of Samsung, the S9’s display will attract you instantly with the presence of fantastic contrast and rich colors for gaming. It is a 5.8-inch and curved “AMOLED quad-HD+” panel. It has a small change, in its brightness, and it is considered to be one of the best screens ever designed.


The customization options of the screen are one of the most impressive features. The default ‘Adaptive’ mode of colors are rich and saturated, with blue hue being dominant. When switched to DCI-P3 color, the gamut covering “AMOLED cinema” the mode and everything will feel easier on your eyes. It is also very possible to customize colors, hence reducing the amount of green, blue, and red.

The Samsung S9 HDR

There is a full support for HDR10 mobile and the S9 can also stream HDR content from many sources such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. This provides TV shows and movies with better contrast and also enables them to use a bigger gamut of colors. If you watch a program which features many dark scenes, you will instantly notice the difference. The S9 phone also features a blue light filter-mode, which makes this bright screen better for viewing before sleeping by turning everything to orange. This can be automatically scheduled to turn on every night.