VR Missions Public Test 0.2 Now Live

VR Missions Public Test 0.2 Now Live

The new update is now live, feel free to restart your client or wait till it fully goes out to get it now.

The Update covers the following additions:

VR HUB Overhaul – Newly designed area with added functionality and refined design. We designed a more centralized area to stage,get supplies and generally disembark and we will be filling in more sections of the hub as time progresses. Here is the hub as it stands now in the current build. We plan to address and add the following:

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Includes :

VR mission selection menu
Individually designed rooms for weapons selection and healing items
Newly added particle and material effects
New level design and aethestics
Testing UI to display webpages for community events and patch-notes visible in game

VR Mission 3 Addition – Featuring a new VR level that offers new gameplay mechanics and additional challenges.

Includes :

Open ended mission objective system with multiple outcomes and avenues of approach.
New orange force field that when touched removes players current weapons (Find an alternate route or risk having the disadvantage).
New elevator / lift system used to quickly change the floor the player is on in the level.


The insertion room start up map has been temporarily removed and will be added once again after more work and detail is put into it.

Coming Soon:

Saving Computer in Hub
Character Armor(Unlockable)
Weapon Customization
New level design and aethestics
1P Animation Overhaul (We apologize for the current state of 1P it’s simply awful and deserves to be taken out back and shot we know)

Sya Terms
Experimental physics system for dynamically changing levels and additional ambiance / interactivity in the VR
VR Encounters / VR Mission 4 (Hidden secrets and bonus content in the works!)

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