Dev Update #10 Finalizing Remaining Deadlines for Chapter 1 & VR

Concept Artists:

We have been playing with different promo ideas. Yes we know storm is spelled wrong but what is a blogging dev suppose to do? Just ignore it pretend its spelled correctly. In the final it would be obviously~ 🙂

VR Online:

We played with some loading screen graphics nothing final yet just WIP’s really and placeholders to get a nice design going we’d replace with our assets. Ethan is also blocking out and getting the actual level ready for internal playtesting at the end of the month!


– Andrew has implemented Cloth physics for the Russian grunts and hes working on getting the final grunt revisions in. Improving their skinning overall no more weird clipping!

Character Modeling

We replaced Amber’s base knife on her back to a baton. From criticism in the VR to add a non-lethal take-down for melee and the dart attachment for Amber’s pistol. It will hang as a physics object on ambers pants that she’ll grab and swipe out when you wish to melee someone.

The base Ancile Female is almost done as they just finished up the male last week.


Been recruiting and polishing up the base systems like the Drone UI Widgets and Spot detection to be a lot better then the current implementation in the VR heres a preview. Also been working on expanding their investigative abilities for the AI so they can adapt to the player a bit more realistically.

When they hear sounds they enter a investigate Sound mode and place a marker I.E the blue icon that the AI can share and use in combat stages to find the player. Not to mention you can also notice the new detection meter that fills once they see you. Similar to Dishonored 2 or Assassins Creed.


They have been up to no good like always! Here some of their work from the guys . We also added a non-lethal secondary fire to Ambers primary weapon that will stun enemies and knock them out when used.

Level Designer Updates:

Lighting and other adjustments theres isnt to much to show this week since the areas they have been tweaking are bit of a secret so you’ll see them when you play. These are WIP and subject to change before release.

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