Battlefield V Review

Battlefield V has been developed to make you a better squad mate, making it more awesome and exciting. DICE, the Battlefield V developer, has recently launched an alpha test of “Battlefield V” which was accomplished at the end of June. This has given a few players on the PC a substantial glimpse of what the multiplayer part of the full game would be. The alpha test is a limited multiplayer slice of the big Battlefield V‘s multiplayer gameplay of World War II-set. It has been developed to cover one map, the “Arctic Fjord,” including two game modes which are the “Conquest” and “Grand Operations.”

Even with a tiny look through a frosty-like window, the game’s changes of Battlefield V to the franchise-formula are very obvious.

The Band Of Brothers

Battlefield games always seek to make one a small part of a big battle, such as a member in a 64-player group trying to crash another by taking control of a huge map and eventually completing several objectives. This does not mean you are just a random soldier on a team. There are a variety of options from which you can choose a particular class — Medic, Support, Assault, or Scout— to specialize in your role and assist your army to achieve victory. Teams are divided into four players per squads, to encourage sticking to a specific group and effectiveness is realized as a unit.


Each class often has a specific role, just as the former Battlefield games. Assault fighters are still carrying explosives and automatic weapons as well to enhance maximum damage. Medics can also revive to heal other players. Their rifles of single-action are best utilized from a distance. Scouts are meant to carry sniper rifles and they are also powerful and long-range fighters. Support is meant to repair vehicles, hand out ammo, and carry the machine guns into the fray.


Battlefield V has been built to make engagements in-your-face and more intimate. The mechanic of “spotting” of enemies and flagging them so that your teammates can locate them, has been down-drawn for you to ping them at closer ranges, even if they can’t be seen well. The ‘spotting mechanic’ has now been transformed to be about flagging specific areas, rather than only the enemy. Even if the enemy can’t be seen running around from a distance, DICE has developed the game in such a way that icons only show up above the heads. Players will no longer rely on colored icons in spotting each other at long-range distances. They will have to work harder to achieve kills which are long-range.


DICE has been keen on Battlefield V development, to have players spend time in strategizing how they should approach fights, not just sprinting into them, or even setting up at a spot in a corner and just snip away. The Battlefield V game will reward you for achieving success as a team and for your shooting skills as well. Ultimately, this will make the multiplayer experience more exciting. Battlefield games as you will note, are all about scope and size. By putting focus more of the intimate aspects of your experience, DICE has made its “signature shooter” more intense, exciting, and diverse.