Weekly Concept Art Issue #2

Hello again everyone, and welcome to Issue #2 of the Dark Storm Concept Art.

Last week we introduced a few more eerie pictures. Some of you may have been thinking. “Well that’s great, but where are the guns?! It wouldn’t be a stealth action without an array of weaponry!” And you’d be right!

So this week, that’s what we’re bringing you. Feast your eyes and decide which one is your poison.

(Please remember all things are still a work in progress, and may be changed by release)

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Sniper Rifles are always my bread and butter, however as you can see we have an assortment of weapons to choose from.

User Posted Image
(Note the Shotgun in the concept has been changed to an “energy” like weapon. A different shotgun will be taking its place)

User Posted Image

As you can see, we plan on having many attachments for every weapon as well.

Weapons which we plan for but are not included in this Issue, is a crossbow, various explosive devices, and grenades.

Feel free to put your input below!

Dark Storm Devblog #1

Dark Storm Update (4/23/2016)

This week in Dark Storm Devblog we will be jumpstarting our previous posts and bringing them to you weekly.

With the VR main hub done, we’ve put focus back on the Ascension. Which means in the coming months we’ll have much to show you. In the meantime, feast your eyes on our current completions of this week.

*Note: Things may be subject to change on the initial release of Dark Storm: Ascension.


The levels are coming to fruitation quickly we are glad to say, with some final concepts being done for the final area’s. The area’s that are done have been blocked out, and the modular pieces being put into place. The minions are working overtime to complete the props and assets to clutter the levels with.

Tram Station

Tram Station Concept

Tram Station 2

Tram Station concept top level

Getting levels to look as beautiful as their concept is no easy task, and while we’re currently putting in the beginning building blocks, quite literally, and blocking out the levels. Work is steadily getting along and getting closer to putting in the details to make it look on par.

generator room

Generator Room


VR Missions

The VR missions has had quite a bit update since last we posted. AI overhauls, main hub updates, and finer improvements to name a few. Another update is scheduled for the 29th of April. This month saw proper patch notes for each VR update as well, which you can find on our Steam page.

Character Design

As with all games, an ugly, or horribly made character can make you want to poke your eyes out in even the best cut scenes. We strive for the best quality possible in all aspects of our game, and character design and modeling is a big part of that. We’ve spent months fine tuning how we want our characters to look, and is now down to our character modelers to make it happen.

SyaCard big

Sya Trading Card and Concept

Sya Body


Officer Concept

Officer Model

Officer Model

Did you see anything you liked? Did you not see things you’d like to know more about? Let us know in the comments!


The Dark Storm Team

Weekly Concept Art Issue #1

Today starts off a new adventure in the world of Concept Art. Every Friday, we’ll show new concept of the levels in the main game of Dark Storm Ascension.

As is in the proper way to build anything, you always start at the bottom most level. So today lets delve into the deep abyss of the sub levels, but first a little short history lesson.

Irving Dynamics actually wasn’t the first building on this site. In-fact, there was one before it. Not much is known about this older section, except that it was by a company called Unifase, but remnants of its darker past can still be found. What happened here and why?

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. -Plato

The fear of the truth is the worlds greatest tragedy

VR Missions Public Test 0.2 Now Live

VR Missions Public Test 0.2 Now Live

The new update is now live, feel free to restart your client or wait till it fully goes out to get it now.

The Update covers the following additions:

VR HUB Overhaul – Newly designed area with added functionality and refined design. We designed a more centralized area to stage,get supplies and generally disembark and we will be filling in more sections of the hub as time progresses. Here is the hub as it stands now in the current build. We plan to address and add the following:

Support our Team buy it on steam now =)

Includes :

VR mission selection menu
Individually designed rooms for weapons selection and healing items
Newly added particle and material effects
New level design and aethestics
Testing UI to display webpages for community events and patch-notes visible in game

VR Mission 3 Addition – Featuring a new VR level that offers new gameplay mechanics and additional challenges.

Includes :

Open ended mission objective system with multiple outcomes and avenues of approach.
New orange force field that when touched removes players current weapons (Find an alternate route or risk having the disadvantage).
New elevator / lift system used to quickly change the floor the player is on in the level.


The insertion room start up map has been temporarily removed and will be added once again after more work and detail is put into it.

Coming Soon:

Saving Computer in Hub
Character Armor(Unlockable)
Weapon Customization
New level design and aethestics
1P Animation Overhaul (We apologize for the current state of 1P it’s simply awful and deserves to be taken out back and shot we know)

Sya Terms
Experimental physics system for dynamically changing levels and additional ambiance / interactivity in the VR
VR Encounters / VR Mission 4 (Hidden secrets and bonus content in the works!)