10 Photoshop Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Photoshop is the art of editing an image or a picture to have a desired end picture using necessary tools. However, the process can turn up to be messy if one is not careful with what they are doing in the field of photoshop and this can bring frustration especially when doing it to customers.

This article is dedicated to finding mistakes that people often make when doing photoshop.

1. Converting black and white images with the use of desaturate.

Another mistake that is common is when the editor chooses image, adjustment, desaturate function as it washes off all the colors in the image, and the end result is a black and white image.


This leaves the image to be boring and unattractive. It is advisable for the beginner to choose the image, adjustments, channel mixer which will give you a chance to adjust the blue, green and red channel slider to get the color of your desire.

2. Printing using 72dpi

The default resolution for Photoshop is 72dpi i.e., dot per inch that is perfect of web. However, this becomes problem to photoshop for beginners since most of them forget that printing with this resolution can lead to pixilated work.

Thus, it important for the beginners to increase resolution to 300 dpi so that the image can be as clear and neat as possible.

3. Photo for everything.

Using photoshop tool for everything is wrong since there some tasks that photoshop cannot do as perfect as other tools. For example, sketching is better for web design and when photoshop is used in web design, this can lead to poor quality job. Thus, it is good to use the right tool for each job.

4. Failure to use layers and folders.

Another common mistake that beginners make is failure to use layers that makes it easier to edit image. This tool helps one to do the project faster that editing the image.


Folders helps the designers to save the latest version of your image, hence, it is easier to compare the images and fine-tune the latest versions.

5. Auto save failure.

This is a problem that faces many designers. There are times that the power cut and this can result to loss of the project if you had not saved the work.

This will make the designer to start from scratch. If as a beginner need not to face such challenge, just have auto save tool that will help you save the work regularly.

6. Not using shortcuts.

Shortcut may prove to be hard to memorize but they are the best deal for the designer to use. They help in saving time and energy. To eliminate this mistake, it is good to have a good memory of these shortcuts, or having the ability to customize yours.

7. Over-whitening teeth.

Teeth are generally supposed to be white but novice tends to concentrate on whitening teeth than it is really supposed to be. This will lead having unreal image that is not even closer to the real image. Hence, always avoid over-whitening teeth.

8. Use of pen tool creating masks.

Although pen tool is a good tool for making masks, it is only great while making 3D and vector that has no deep field. If you use this tool to depth end image, it will give poor image that look like scissors worked on it.

9. Excess retouch.

Excessive retouch can result to image looking unreal. It is great to always compare the original image with the edited image, so that much disparity might not be noted.


Ask for opinion from other people who will give you their say about it.

10. Fixing brightness while removing shadow.

Adjusting image exposure and contrast can make you lose details of images shadow. Id is good to used adjustment of curve layers than contrast adjustment. This will make the image retain its quality and clarity.

Take away.

For an image to be of good quality, it is good to do a photoshop that will give you a desirable result. To achieve this, avoid the highlighted above mistakes.