Dark Storm Ascension

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Dark Storm Devblog #1

Dark Storm Update (4/23/2016) This week in Dark Storm Devblog we will be jumpstarting our previous posts and bringing them to you weekly. With the VR main hub done, we’ve put focus back on the Ascension. Which means in the coming months we’ll have much to show you. In the meantime, feast your eyes...

Letter from the Producer I

Get Dark Storm VR Missions on Steam! Support the Main game and VR Missions! Can’t wait till the next update? Check out our public Trello! Dark Storm Trello This is the actual Trello board we use for overall progress of the game throughout the team. I’ll be updated constantly as we progress. Hello everyone....

Weekly Concept Art Issue #1

Today starts off a new adventure in the world of Concept Art. Every Friday, we’ll show new concept of the levels in the main game of Dark Storm Ascension. As is in the proper way to build anything, you always start at the bottom most level. So today lets delve into the deep abyss...


Quality storytelling, creative gameplay, and intelligent design,

About Us

What is Fenrir Studios? Fenrir Studios is an independent studio founded by a small group of game design enthusiasts in 2012. The studio was set-up to produce high quality and ambitious independent PC games with quality storytelling, creative gameplay, and intelligent design, whilst remaining true to the principles of transparency and honesty. We are currently working on our flagship title, Dark Storm: Ascension, which we hope to release by the end of 2016.